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The Azad Party Planners – Chandigarh are the best Event Organisers and Planners and among leading Birthday planners based at Chandigarh, India. We provides best arrangements for weddings, receptions, Birthday parties, Corporate events, etc. We provides Fireworks for wedding, receptions, birthday parties, corporate events and other functions.

We are one of the party services providers from India, comprising a range of packages to suit the requirements of occasions of any volume and mood. We have emerged among the most competitive service providers of Party Arrangements & Wedding Planning Services in India. We have 12 years of experience in providing dedicated services to the customers.

The Azad Party Decorator- Chandigarh is famous to arrange you all the services for your “Dream Event” under one roof. We have many years of experience in organizing Marriages, Corporate Events, Birthday parties, House warming functions & other parties. We provide all kind of services for events at a lower cost with the assurance of best quality than Wedding Planners in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and in Delhi also.

The Azad Party Planner - Chandigarh, helps you planning your wedding, corporate events, birthday parties, house warming functions & other parties and provides you A-Z services for wedding and other party arrangements We’ll work for you to make sure your wedding is the best. You’re invited to discuss your exact budget and if you require we shall also plan your entire party, and arrange the Venue, Tent decoration, Lighting, Flower decoration, Music & Entertainers, Professional Photographers, Best Catering Service, Wedding Brass Band, Fireworks, Dance Groups, and anything else you need.

The feeling of joy in celebrating birthday parties seems to be unaltered form ages. Every age group loves to enjoy the birthday parties full of surprises, excitement and fun. To add in this tradition of joy a relatively new concept of birthday themes have been introduced which has something new for every age group.

Young girls wish to have soft and cute themes with all pink around so Barbie themes for girls & fancy dress theme are the best suited for them. For small kids one can go for cartoon themes and color theme along with music.

There are many more themes as Aqua(Under-Water), Mickey-Minnie, Castle, Princess, Butterfly, Fairy, Teddy, Powerpuff Girls, Tom & Jerry, Noddy, Joker, Harry Porter, Ben 10, Character, Animal, and many more themes.

In the part of Birthday Party Decoration, we can provide you various types of decoration like: Entrance Gate Decoration, Cake Station Decor, Chunri Decoration, Cutouts, Balloon Decoration, Table Decoration, Helium Balloons, Foil Balloons, Indoor and Outdoor Decoration.

Not only this, We can also provide you the arrangements of entertainment like: DJ, Magic Shows or Magician for birthday party, Puppet Show, Anchors and Entertainers, Dance Groups, Live Characters / Clowns / Air Walker, Bouncy.

Games for Birthday: Hoopla Game, Fishing Game, Gun Shooting, Dart Game, Tongue Twister Game, Bouncy, Tambola and many more Kids Game for Birthday Party Entertainment.

Birthday Catering, Eatable Stalls : Candy floss, Mini Pizza, Ice Lollies, Chocolate Fountain, Popcorn machine etc.

Birthday Tent Decoration : We can also offer a wide range of tent themes according to the birthday themed party for kids. We have a wide variety of tentage with truss and full-on lighting decoration.

These all require extensive planning and arrangement of resources which is not possible without the professional Birthday Planners.

We at The Azad’s are a team of experts that plan the occasion as per your need and execute it smoothly so that you get the feeling of ecstasy.

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Wine Party Decoration : Party Ideas


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Wine party decorations are very easy to put together if you approach the situation from the right angle. Find out about wine party decoration with help from an experienced corporate event planner in this free video clip.

Expert: Yvonne Szikla
Bio: Yvonne Szikla is a former corporate event planner that launched her own company, Affairs with Flair, LLC, to celebrate life’s occasions!
Filmmaker: Yvonne Szikla

Series Description: Setting up for a party and taking care of the decorations is almost as fun as the party itself. Get party ideas that you can really have a good time putting together with help from an experienced corporate event planner in this free video series.

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Get the best supplies from our online pet store!


party decoration stores onlineOnline Pet Accessories is a locally owned and operated pet supply company based in Western Australia. We started Online Pet Accessories in order to provide a more convenient way of pampering your pet. A lot of people have hectic lifestyles and do not have the time to drive to their local pet shop to purchase treats for their pets. With Online Pet Accessories you can shop with the convenience of not having to leave your house, and have everything delivered to you promptly. This also means we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for even greater convenience.

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Another Glitch in Big Fat Awesome House Party


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Home Designer Purse Parties | Home Decorating On A Budget | Home Design Ideas Exterior


house party decoration ideashttp://amaon.net/plant Home Designer Purse Parties | Home Decorating On A Budget | Home Design Ideas Exterior
OK, in this next clip I want to talk about your hinges and also the painter’s tape. I absolutely love painter’s tape. Instead of having to take a brush and cut it around there and get it all in there, I tend to use painter’s tape on literally everything if I have to cut something in because what painter’s tape does, it will cover this area, you paint around it, you don’t have to cut in and when the door dries, simply peel it off and it won’t take any paint with it. Now the idea situation to do here is to take your painter’s tape and get you about two or three long strips. What I tend to do, I tend to cover up the hinge, wrap it all the way around to the other side, make sure it’s on there. Take two more pieces. One, there. Make sure it’s on that piece of hinge right there. Take another one and with this one, I want to line it up with that hinge line right there so I don’t have to cut it. Lay it on there, make sure it’s smooth, and what I do is I take my razor knife and I can pretty much see that line right there, so, I just take and cut and I come down here and follow the trail. Cut there. Pull of my pieces and there I’ve got a nice clean line so when I come with my paint brush, I paint there and you’ll see when I’m done, I simply just take my knife, peel it away, pull it off and I got a great looking hinge.
Home Designer Purse Parties | Home Decorating On A Budget | Home Design Ideas Exterior

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What kind of decorations am I aloud to bring to my country club party?


"Christmas" lights?
Paper lanterns (not fire)

They don’t have a stage in the country club, would they allow me to rent one and have it set up inside?
As far as lighting (strobe, spot light, etc) My DJ supplies, Will the country club allow set up of these things?

You need to call the club first. A stobe light might be a bad idea as it can cause people who are epileptic to go into convulsions. Some clubs will charge extra for staple and tape damage to their walls and if they have another event the next day they will want all the decorations taken down. Your country club may have a list of decorators that they use or prefer. Has your DJ worked at that club before? as a member of the club you should have access to the Catering and Events Manager. Good luck.


What food and drinks can you have at a Twilight Party?


I’m doing my own Twilight party and I don’t know what food and drinks I could have a part from red drinks that look like blood.

1) red apples (like the front of the book)
2) you could make lady fingers that actually look like fingers with like red icing for the nails
3) red hot candy or something really hot like fire because thats like the only way that vampires can die
4) twilight sweethearts, they still sell those like everywhere even though they’re from valentines day
5) pizza, with different meats on it, and say like the pepperoni is mountain lion meat, bacon is bear meat, sausage is deer meat, cause everyone will like know your kidding
6) decorate the cake yourself, make it will like all red icing decorations, and put like bella+edward forever on it too. with red flowers, and most likely white frosting, and try to make it look like blood is dripping down the side, that would look cool, and twilight themed.
7) be creative! i just thought of these all out of my head! im sure u could too!!!

i really hope i helped!!